First Monday after leaving school

Hi there! So you’ve found my first Easy Blend Blog, the first of many.  Every short story that you read will be true, all seen through my eyes, my beautiful brown eyes.

Well……. who am I? Bit of a tricky one that, but I will do my best to explain.

On leaving school in 1989 on a Friday afternoon with only a few qualifications to my name, I started an apprenticeship on the Monday as a Panel Beater (what a bizarre place full of odd people!). On the first day, at 16 yrs old sitting in reception I knew I wanted something different, something unusual for myself, but not knowing what or how to get there?  After qualifying and trying another garage I needed to move on and try something new.

Some of the managers I’ve had to deal with before the days of HR…… where do I start? One would say to me “Dave…..shape up or ship out”

Shape up or ship out


Or “Dave….I’m watching you!”

My reply would be “I know….because I’m watching you watching me!”

I once worked with a man who was retiring, both of us doing the same job both on the same pay, I knew then there was no growth for me if I stayed. I was thinking “Live one day here and you’ve lived them all!”

I called and spoke to a recruitment officer “I want a new job doing something different”

On phone“Well Dave what else have you done?”

“Nothing, I’ve only been out of school for 7 years.”

And then this was the start of it all, he said “If I was you I’d just stick to that.” and he put the phone down. I thought ‘no way, I only have one life, you have to try things, in fact try as many things as you can.’  It’s what builds and gives you character.


Mig Welding

From the garage I worked in a factory standing by a machine all day making seats for cars. I was also chief Mig welder, so if the robots burnt holes in them which very often happened, I would re-weld them by hand.


French factory


Working there, I had the experience of working in a factory in France for a month.





The forklift drivers thought they were in formula 1, they could hardly see anything from the smoke in their eyes coming up from the cigarette that never left their lips.


Building Engineering in drain

From there it was back to college and a change of direction, I had the chance to become a building engineer. So for the next 4 years I obtained my ONC/HNC in Building Engineering, but half way through the company went down the drain and in to liquidation.


I had paid for the rest of the qualification myself and carried on with my studies while at the same time starting up my own business in building and maintenance. After a few years it was time for a change and a good idea came to mind.  Now before I go any further I have since learnt that a good idea is not always a good idea.  So I opened up a Tapas Bar.

I loved the chase, and the organising of turning a derelict old shop and drug den in to aTapas Bar nice swanky up-market Tapas Bar, and I did. But you see, the very night it opened I stood across the road as it filled with people, I could hear the sound of the live band playing, see the name lit up outside and my heart sank and I thought “What now?”  As time ploughed on, I got fed up of the smell of money on my hands, (yep you read right) the smell of cash on my hands at the end of the day wasn’t a nice experience for me.  There are two sides to every bar, a fun side and a business side; well I recommend you stay on the fun side…. so it was time to sell up.


Now whilst all of this was going on I was also on the circuit of public speaking (I loved it) in schools and colleges, encouraging people how to think differently, to create new things and ideas in their lives. As the saying goes “Never allow your predicament to predict your future.”  Oooofff….. deep right?

Coaching back boilI was then involved as a Business Coach for organisational excellence. I love it, I was a natural at it, and that’s not thanks to me.  It’s just there, maybe where I’ve been and how I thought has shaped my mindset and this is what I’m searching for, the buzz word for me “Contentment”, that’s where the money is and it doesn’t smell, so back to University to do my PG.Dip in Business Coaching.  It’s still there on the back burner….

This got me thinking back to my school days and back to my childhood dreams, and for me it was acting and being involved in the Arts, so thats where I headed.

A lot of evening acting classes later, some small parts and voice-over work started to come in and eventually my goal was to have my Equity card.  A director at the BBC asked if I had ever done any radio if not then I should, so I was on the phone to the local radio station.

On radio

I was told to come in for a chat, they said I had the personality for it and the following month I was live on air. Several years later and still on the radio – I love it!

Finally I am writing alongside everything else,. Well, I have just finished my book of short stories ‘Farrago: Ten Tall Tales’ which will be followed by my novel which is in the editing stages.  My second book of short stories is about to begin so I’ll let you know once they are tangible enough to read.

The following observational stories of my Easy Blend blog are of the encounters through my life so far and there are so many. So I want you to join me on this journey in a hope you will smile and giggle whilst a warm and fuzzy feeling grows in you…….. it will do wonders for you.


As this is the Easy Blend I thought I’d let you know what I’m listening to.  Today it’s Peter Gabriel with Afro Celt – When you’re falling

You can find out more about my book ‘Farrago: Ten Tall Tales’ and buy it here…. (click on the cover)

Full cover single

Until the next Easy Blend blog……….. 

Stay warm and fuzzy……..signature