For the love of LEGO

Love lego.pngSo my son was finally at an age where he was ready for LEGO.  Woohoooo!  For someone who loves Lego, this time just didn’t come quickly enough, so when it eventually arrived, up to the attic I headed at lightning speed so I could pass the Lego baton on to my heir.

I had not seen my Lego for 30 odd years, and let me tell you something that no human being should forget….Lego does not age.old punk lego


It was still strong, with no scratches on it, and the very second I laid my eyes on it, the unknown power within the Lego immediately turned on the urge to want to build something.

There and then, lying over loads of boxes in the attic, I could see a half built house which I clearly didn’t finish as a child.  WOW!  This Lego was last touched by me, when I was a little boy.  So much has happened since then.  But, I figured I started it, so I should finish it and I built the rest of the house.  This time, instead of Mother Frantony shouting for me to come down to have my dinner, it was Mrs Frantony, and I shouted out the same old Welsh line at her, “I’ll be there, now in a minute!”knighting lego

The pressure was on.  It was time to hand over the Lego mantle to my son.  He knelt in front of me, and for a moment I knew what it felt like to be the queen, as my arms slowly edged forward.  In my mind I was hoping that he would look after and cherish it with the same love as I did.


The Lego was now in his possession and within seconds the Lego house was destroyed and all over the floor. Cow lego I waited with bated breath, just like a farmer watching his cow after giving birth, worrying…..  Is the cow going love the calf and bring it in to his fold?


Then, what every Dad who loves Lego wants to see, my son picked up the Lego blocks and started to build.

cut in half lego#A new generation has begun.  “PHEW……what a relief!” he’s a natural, it was as if his fingers were made of Lego.  Even if I was to magically saw him in half, he’d have Lego right through him.


Now the journey has begun, my son has the Lego bug


alien lego 2

My connection has now been rekindled and it was time to step in to the Lego store.  WOW!  Where had I been all my life?  Well, hasn’t Lego moved on from the standard building block!

My son is now 7 years old and he’s Lego crazy.  I’ve even built a walk-in table, all painted up with roads, rivers and streams now covered in Lego.  Plastic boxes filled with every shape you can think of underneath it. We have so much, it has its own designated room.  Stand on lego

So…. I hear you ask…. what is my job in all of this?  How far am I willing to go for Lego?  Well, let me tell you.  When I stand on it bare foot I hold my breath, even though it feels like it’s going to come out the other side.  It’s not the Lego piece’s fault or my son’s fault for leaving it on the floor…..its mine for standing on it.


Then you have the days when my son wants to take a Lego figure in the car with him on the way to school.  This is guaranteed to make us late.  Why?  I’ll tell you why.  He has to pick the car seat‘right’ Lego figure.  Then, when we are about to get out of the car to go in to school, he drops it down the side of the seat.  Every time.

But OH NO….. it doesn’t land on the floor….. it lands in between the runners of the seat.  And will he go in to school for me to rescue it later?  I don’t think so!  It has to be rescued and saved before he goes in to school.  And if you’re thinking he comes up in one piece you’d be wrong.  His legs always get stuck, 2 Car seatsbut my son will put his education on hold until the Lego figure is saved and all in one piece sitting in the cup holder.


Also as I am a modern man with many capabilities, on the days I vacuum around the house, I am vigilant not to suck up any Lego pieces, but on the odd occasion the cleaner gets them and at a terrific speed as they rattle up the pipe, and into the bag.  vacuum cleanerI’m not ashamed to tell you this…… even if I’ve just replaced the cleaner with a new bag I will tear it open and rescue every single one, no matter what else might be lurking inside, even if I’d vacuumed up a mouse from the week before.




So you see LEGO…no matter where you are or even if you hurt me….I will always forgive you and just as the old saying goes…..

“Look after LEGO and LEGO will look after you!”

“Always remember LEGO is for life and adults….not just for Christmas and kids!!”


As ever on the Easy Blend I’m listening to some great music, today it’sTim Cappello – I still believe

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The Wasp had a Contract out on me

It was a lovely summer day and all was well with the world, so it was a day for pottering about in the garden.  I changed into my working clothes, you know the ones that you don’t mind getting muddy or scagging on the long winding thorn bush that seems to appear over night.

PantsNow….I’ll be open and honest about this, when I put my working clothes on I like to wear old pants underneath.  Come on….. we all have them!

I don’t know why I like to do this, it’s not as if they are going to get damaged, but I do have pants for best and pants for working in.  I have to admit, Mrs Frantony continually tells me to throw them all away, but I don’t want to.  As pants go, my old ones are the best.Tug o War

Sometimes it’s like a game of tug-of-war in as she tries to sneakily put them in the bin….. it’s like the old saying from back in the day “Never throw another man’s pants in the bin!”

Anyway, finally my worn out pants Leaf firedidn’t go in the bin and instead I was in them, ready to carry out some work in the garden….. the usual jobs – clean up the leaves, pick the weeds, sweep up and have a fire.

Burning PantsAs all this is going on, Mrs Frantony every half hour brings out a cup of tea usually threatening to burn my pants once I’m out of them…..the vision scares me!

So I’m in my beautiful garden and it’s started looking good, most of the leaves have gone, the flower beds have been de-weeded and the patio has been swept super clean. Just one corner left to go before it’s time to sit down and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Mrs Frantony appeared with the third cup of tea, this time with one of her out-of-this-world homemade freshly baked cakes (if you’ve not tried one, then you haven’t lived!)

I was about to pack up my tools when I noticed a Wasp go in between the fence panels, then another and another. I wondered to myself ‘Hmmmmmm, could this be a Wasp nest?  If it is I’m not sitting in the garden.’

AlienAt this point I wasn’t sure what to do, but in a moment of complete stupidity, like I didn’t know what a wasp was or what might happen, like I had just beamed down from another planet, I banged the fence (what this was going to do, I don’t know!) and this, my friends, is no lie…….one Wasp came out from behind the fence and stared at me, hovering silently, both of us trying to intimidate the other.


I broke first and the second I did, the Wasp laughed and attacked me, and this is the part where if you were a neighbour watching from a distance, you wouldn’t see the Wasp due to its size, you would just have seen me doing Karate, fighting the Invisible Man.

Karate chop

The Wasp came so close I could smell him, but my karate chops were no match for the speed of the angry Wasp. He manoeuvred to the side of my head and stung me just above my ear.  I was now injured and in pain and what didn’t help, is that I have a small head, so the sting looked twice as big!!!

I turned (call me a chicken if you want) and I ran as fast as I could towards the house, but the Wasp was hot on my trail.  He clearly wanted to finish me off good and proper.  I made it to the door of the house and the second I was in I shut the door behind me.

Locked door

I was panting fast; the side of my head was red and throbbing and the adrenaline was reaching parts of my body that I didn’t know existed. I was scared and relieved at the same time, but here comes the weird part, my instinct was to lock the door.  This was an angry Wasp that waited outside the door for ages, I thought he might try to come through the lock, so I left the key inside.  I know a Wasp cannot open a door but I wasn’t taking any chances, this was a clever and fast Wasp.  The Wasp had a real issue with me, I knew from looking right in to his eyes he wasn’t going to let it go.  For the rest of the day I had a headache. Me and Wasps just don’t get on, and YES the ECO System needs them, we need them, they’re here for a purpose, but why the attitude Wasp?  Anyway, he was in MY garden and even though I was there first (!!)  HE ruled that day.

As usual on the Easy Blend, I’ll let you know what I’m listening to.  Today it’s Norah Jones – Little Broken Hearts

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