Farrago: Ten Tall Tales

A break from my usual blogs!! ….letting you know how  my first book came about…….Front cover.gif

We carry out our daily routines whilst who knows how many thoughts and ideas run through our minds.  Some are good, some bad, and some exciting and, dare I say it, we dream of what we would like to do or like to become.  So, back in 2007, I decided without any barriers or restrictions within my own mind, to explore my creativity, to allow freedom and an atmosphere around me where it’s okay to dream.

So I simply started to listen and imagine, thinking of ideas and turning them in to something that is tangible.  Everything starts with an idea, then you write it down, then you see it, then you read it out loud and then, it becomes real.  It’s myBack cover.png
journey within myself, that only I can take and understand, maybe giving small bits of it away in the odd conversation to just a few people; so I can hear and declare it to myself.   I needed to be still……to see and hear the workings of who I am and what I wanted to do.

Only you will ever understand ‘you’ and know what it is you really want to do; but it must be for the right reason, a reason that is true to you, even if it is only for a season in your life.  We’re all unique, not one of us better than the other, only we make the mistake of thinking that.  There’s more to us than just defining ourselves by a job title or the size of our house, the car we drive, or the money we have.

I allowed myself the freedom to write and I found that creativity feeds Front covercreativity, as all the ideas in my mind developed into something real.  The more ideas I have, the more that keep coming and more notebooks surround me as I store them up, so the more I’ll write.

Now tangible and real to the touch and to the eye is “Farrago: Ten Tall Tales.”    WOW!!

I’m chasing my dreams and what feels right to me.  I’ve tried my very best with my first book and have a real hope within me that you will enjoy what I have written.

In 2017, my novel ‘Undercurrent’ will be released.  I’m excited and nervous and I suppose that’s natural.  I will not stop doing what I feel is right for me, and that is to create and be different…….to be me…….who else can I be?

Full cover.png

To buy my book on Amazon, click here   Kindle   Paperback

As this is still the Easy Blend, I thought I’d let you know what I’m listening to, today it’s Climbing Trees, ‘Middle’ a band from my hometown.

Until the next Easy Blend blog……….. 

Stay warm and fuzzy……..




Author: davefrantony

Dave Frantony...... born with the 'quirky' setting stuck on full, lives by his own rules, but even he doesn't know what they are! As an actor, VoiceOver artist and inspirational speaker, I took the obvious step into radio and have been writing and presenting my own show 'Dave Frantony's Easy Blend of Music and Chat' for 6 years. During that time, I've written a book of short stories called Farrago: Ten Tall Tales which will be available on Amazon shortly. I've also just finished my first novel which is now in editing. The 'Easy Blend of Music and Chat' has always been a random collection of stories and observations from my beautiful brown eyes so I thought I'd share some more with you through a Blog.

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