Farrago: Ten Tall Tales

A break from my usual blogs!! ….letting you know how  my first book came about…….Front cover.gif

We carry out our daily routines whilst who knows how many thoughts and ideas run through our minds.  Some are good, some bad, and some exciting and, dare I say it, we dream of what we would like to do or like to become.  So, back in 2007, I decided without any barriers or restrictions within my own mind, to explore my creativity, to allow freedom and an atmosphere around me where it’s okay to dream.

So I simply started to listen and imagine, thinking of ideas and turning them in to something that is tangible.  Everything starts with an idea, then you write it down, then you see it, then you read it out loud and then, it becomes real.  It’s myBack cover.png
journey within myself, that only I can take and understand, maybe giving small bits of it away in the odd conversation to just a few people; so I can hear and declare it to myself.   I needed to be still……to see and hear the workings of who I am and what I wanted to do.

Only you will ever understand ‘you’ and know what it is you really want to do; but it must be for the right reason, a reason that is true to you, even if it is only for a season in your life.  We’re all unique, not one of us better than the other, only we make the mistake of thinking that.  There’s more to us than just defining ourselves by a job title or the size of our house, the car we drive, or the money we have.

I allowed myself the freedom to write and I found that creativity feeds Front covercreativity, as all the ideas in my mind developed into something real.  The more ideas I have, the more that keep coming and more notebooks surround me as I store them up, so the more I’ll write.

Now tangible and real to the touch and to the eye is “Farrago: Ten Tall Tales.”    WOW!!

I’m chasing my dreams and what feels right to me.  I’ve tried my very best with my first book and have a real hope within me that you will enjoy what I have written.

In 2017, my novel ‘Undercurrent’ will be released.  I’m excited and nervous and I suppose that’s natural.  I will not stop doing what I feel is right for me, and that is to create and be different…….to be me…….who else can I be?

Full cover.png

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As this is still the Easy Blend, I thought I’d let you know what I’m listening to, today it’s Climbing Trees, ‘Middle’ a band from my hometown.

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Cassettes – you don’t know what you’re missing….

The year 1990, the day of my 17th Birthday, 9:30am.  The driving instructor is outside the house; my Dad had already taught me how to drive on some waste ground so I was feeling confident.  The price per lesson £9:00.

Six weeks later, the day of my driving test; seat belt on and superThumb up in car.png nervous as the examiner sits in the passenger seat.  It was a hot sunny day, the test car windows already down and I started the engine.  Another car screeches to a halt to the side of me, it’s someone I know.  With his thumbs up saying…”Good luck Dave!” he then wheel spins off, leaving me thinking “What a Tool…” and then I thought the examiner must be looking at me thinking “What a Tool…”  Yep, he was surrounded by “Tools!”

Within the hour I had passed my driving test and within a week I HVJ88X.pnghad bought my first car, a metallic silver Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.3 ltr, and the registration plate

Silver Fiesta.png

So… it was time to fill the car with some of my stuff

The rear boot – Blanket (I don’t why?)
The rear parcel shelf – Two cushions (I don’t know why?)
The glove box – Torch, can of De-Icer, the ‘not so favourite’ cassette tapes and someFat Willys surf shack empty covers.
The rear window – a “Fat Willy’s surf shack” sticker (It was the trend then) from wherever you’d been on holiday, for me it was Spain.

The rear view mirror needed an air freshener, but not any air freshener….oh no….it was “Feu Orange.”  Feu OrangeThe ones with the little gold chain and pin to pierce the back for the smell in the amber plastic ….and it was lovely, it reminds me of the 80’s and
early 90’s….always happy….always sunny, and not a care in the world!


Then it was time to fill the centre console with your best cassettes….. and I mean the best.  A copy of the latest charts recorded from the Sunday night top 40 count down.  Without trying to record the DJ’s voices (It required a two fingered operation) but you still had the clunking sound of the stop and record buttons between the songs.  This was bad news as it just showed how tight you were; it had to sound like you had just bought the tape from a shop.  This was very important for the girls that you took out for a date (you had to be as smooth as your tape recordings!) that was the rule back then and it took light-finger speed and the pressure was on.

The album tapes in the centre console consisted of

Fleetwood Mac  – Rumours
Tracey Chapman – Fast Cars
Bon Jovi – Slippery when wet
Beautiful South – Welcome to the Beautiful South
Fleetwood Mac – Tango in the Night
Top Gun (music soundtrack)
The Lost Boys (music soundtrack)

Even today I love them just as much, if not more!

And dare I say it, if everything in the Universe aligned to the young single boy’s mind (me), who has just passed his driving test; who thinks he knows it all; but in reality he knows nothing, it would be this;

  • there would be enough petrol in the tank (so the girl doesn’t see that you can’t afford to fill up all in one go and that sometimes you use your change from the ashtray or a fiver borrowed off Mam until next payday), and
  • a hot summers evening driving to the beach, the right girl in the car (that didn’t happen very often) and
  • the two important cassette tapes in the driver’s side door panel at hand that would hopefully have the girl at your command, listening to your every word.  I’ll leave you guess what they are for a moment?


Now, when you put the cassette tapes in the centre console, this is how they had to be

Center consoleOne tape up and one tape down, that way you fitted more tapes in to be at your fingertips and easy to change from your cassette player without taken them out of the covers.  You had the excitement of putting in a tape not knowing what song it was going to be on, and you certainly weren’t going to fast forward or rewind as it took too long and was far too noisy.  Those days, you had to wait for one of your favourite songs to come around again instead of today when you just press a button.

I believe it was a small part in how to teach you patience and to savour every song from the start of the tape to the end, and for the albums you recordedMix Tape off friends.  One album either side, but it was always annoying if the last one or two songs had to go on the other side of the tape and waste the rest (NO I wouldn’t fill it up with other songs) they were only on MIX tapes that were labelled “MIX” on them, and YES I still have them all today.  No one ever touched my MIX tapes, they were my top choice of music and when I played them with the window down, I was the king of the road!

By the way, the two tapes that I thought would allow any girl to be at my command as I put them in the cassette player were….. oh and before I tell you, I now realise that it was only in my young ‘I know nothing at all’ mind, that this could have worked; obviously it didn’t, as I have no recollection of it happening!  Anyway, the cassette albums were

Diry Dancing – (music Soundtrack)

Micheal Bolton – Soul Provider.  Playing that special song – How can we be lovers

Cassette tapes I will never forget you, for all the memories that will stay with me forever!  Because the song is now stuck in my head as I write this.


As ever with the Easy Blend, I thought I’d let you know what I’m listening to, so today it’s got to be  Michael Bolton – How can we be lovers

You can find out more about my book ‘Farrago: Ten Tall Tales’ and buy it here…. (click on the cover)

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Thee Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry muffin

So……. the Blueberry Muffin…… well in my humble opinion I believe I have found ‘Thee Blueberry Muffin’ that tastes out of this world but in fact, is in this world and it’s in your grasp, not far from you now.Man.png

“Where is it you ask?” ……..just wait a minute or two.

I do love a cake!  I’ve had some nice cakes in some nice places.  I’ve even Eating buildinghad a cheese cake in Time Square in New York and “YES” that was nice…. heavy though, it felt like I had eaten half of a New York Skyscraper (but that could have been the large steak I had eaten beforehand).

Firstly let’s talk about the big supermarket chain blueberry muffins.  My opinion is they are not good!  If you buy them in aBootlick pack of four with clear cellophane wrapping….well……there’s not going to be much difference between the muffins you just bought and the experience of you licking the end of your own boot or for the first time, and to be honest with you, the second time is just as bad.

They are mostly just some sort of sponge with something that resembles a….and I mean…”A” blueberry.  It’s Talking toebland and dry; in fact they’ll be so dry that every single bit of moisture that is in your body will be sucked up….you’ll even feel the end of your toes starting to curl and shout out “STOP”.

Secondly let’s talk coffee shops; YES someCrying of the muffins they sell are BIG, but are they nice? Don’t forget BIG isn’t always best.  For starters, a blueberry muffin for me is about moisture, it must be moist, if it isn’t moist, it isn’t worth having.  But sometimes you don’t know this until you have bitten in to it, then it’s too late…the damage is done, you’ve paid for the muffin and there’s no going back (always a bad position to be in), and if like me you’ll want to cry…..lots!

Yes the coffee shop muffin is wrapped nice and YES it’s big and a show off, as it carefully balances, looking pretty with the other blueberry muffins.   It stares you out, putting you under pressure to buy the muffin over the other cakes (that’s how sly muffins can be, it’s what they do!).

Does it mean that a more expensive muffin is going to taste better?  My opinion…..NO!  I hear you asking “So what and where in the world is the best muffin in your opinion Dave?”

Lidl logoFinally the answer, believe it or not, for me it’s Lidl…that right Lidl!

And just to let you know I am not getting paid to praise their blueberry muffins (although…may the angel of Lidl’s speak to the heads of management around the boardroom table and shout out the name Angel“Dave Frantony!!”


When I eat a blueberry muffin I want a surprise all over and inside.  I want to feel like the ‘muffin maker’ has gone the Love cakeextra mile to show they care about each and every muffin that’s made.  I want them to love the muffin before I love the muffin; this will come through in every bite and the Lidl blueberry muffins delivers with every single mouthful.

It’s moist, it has sweet crunchy things on top that are out of this world, it’s got the juiciest gooey centre of blueberry that yourFormula
eyes will ever see, and it tastes like a homemade blueberry muffin that was cooked by your favourite auntie but times by 97.5!

I’ve bought them for friends, I stand in silence as their eyes pierce my very body with love; their face lights up whilst they go weak at the knees.  The second time I bought one of my friends the very same blueberry muffin to his place of work, he said to me “I can’t eat this; I told my wife about them….I must go home, she has to be the one to taste the muffin!”

Like a man possessed he was in his car driving home, with a look on his face that I have never seen before (It frightened me!)

So there you have it, my humble opinion of how a blueberry muffin should be, and may you, in your life time, have the privilege to buy such a blueberry muffin and be lost in your own world and be as gooey as the centre of the very muffin you are eating!


As ever on the Easy Blend, I thought I’d let you know what I’m listening to.  Today it’s Erasure – A Little Respect

You can find out more about my book ‘Farrago: Ten Tall Tales’ and buy it here…. (click on the cover)

Full cover single

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